Wizarding School Elections: My Prototype Board Game

Concept to Creation – How did it get there? Introduction Another university project to share today! Been waiting to show off this one for some time as I’m quite proud of the work I did. This is the creation of a board game that I made in my second year of university. Wizarding School ElectionContinue reading “Wizarding School Elections: My Prototype Board Game”

DeLorean Power – My First Game Jam

Hey there, guys! Another post about an old project, today. Before joining the university, I joined the Staffs Unofficial Game Dev Discord to keep up to date with university and to see what students were working on. Turns out that they hosted a challenge each month for students and so I decided to enter. IContinue reading “DeLorean Power – My First Game Jam”

Creating Team Fortress 2 Content – Koth_Courtyard – Ready for Testing

Hey guys, been working on the map again. Have flipped it for the blu team and have sorted out all the logic issues I’ve been having. I’m excited to have it tested by the players over at TF2Maps.net (shout out to them for being active and making maps better)! Once I’ve gone over the results,Continue reading “Creating Team Fortress 2 Content – Koth_Courtyard – Ready for Testing”

Creating CTF_Pipeline – My First Level Design Project

Developed from September 25th 2018 to 11th December 2018. This was my first level design project for university. Enjoy! September 25th This topic will detail how I will design and create a CTF map for Unreal Tournament.  I have begun by opening up UT Editor and going through the map scale area to better understandContinue reading “Creating CTF_Pipeline – My First Level Design Project”

Creating Team Fortress 2 Content – Koth_Courtyard – Blockout

Quick recap: I have previously been interested in making content for Team Fortress 2, Valve’s fantastic class-based shooter from 2007. I have designed a hat, made some Source Film Maker work and now, a map. It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. As always, I’m busy with university work and running theContinue reading “Creating Team Fortress 2 Content – Koth_Courtyard – Blockout”

Creating Team Fortress 2 Content – Intro

Around Christmas, I had been thinking of making a Team Fortress 2 map for the first time. Previously, I had dabbled around in creating content for the game in the form of model making back in early 2014 and later SFM art in 2016-2017. Funnily enough, me and my friends had actually made an itemContinue reading “Creating Team Fortress 2 Content – Intro”